HATCHWELL was HACHUEL - origin of the anglicised Sephardic name #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I posed a question earlier today about the origin of the name HATCHWELL found
on the OHAYON MONTEFIORE DURAN family tree we have been discussing for the past
few days. It is obviously an early *anglicised* Sephardic family name, found in
Jamaica, UK, Gibraltar and even *today* in Spain.

The answer is in our own message archives - Messages >from Dec 1998 - Sephardic
SIG: "My {gtgt grandmother} was Sol HACHUEL-COHEN (circa 1840-1896) married
with Jose SALAMA-ROFFE ..... named after her "cousin" Solica HACHUEL

This family apparently originated >from Tetuan:

Mathilde Tagger also talks about a book on the Jews of Tetuan, Morocco in the
message archives.

We can see a David HATCHWELL aged 50 [Commission agent] >from Gibraltar in the
1871 census of England and he is living in Levenshulme, Lancs with a Mr W
FARACHER aged 25, >from Morocco, a Moorish interpreter. In 1891, we have a
Portuguese Mary HATCHWELL and family. In 1901, we find Sidney HATCHWELL age 17
born Morocco, a Moorish subject.

However, beware, there are also bona-fide British HATCHWELL with baptismal
records stretching back to the 1600s.

We now have the name HACHUEL to add to our Sephardic family tree and this may
attract newcomers to the fold. Please read this tragic tale:
and if you read Spanish you will be able to decipher this about Jacques
HACHUEL: http://www.nuevorden.net/judios.html

Celia Male [U.K.]

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