records for people leaving America to return to Europe? #belarus

BatSheva Goldstein <batsheva@...>

Are there records of people leaving America returning to Europe?
I searched Ellis Island and found 2 very plausible matches for my
great-great grandfather. They both have very close permutations of both his
first and last name, the correct town in Poland, the correct destination in
America, same birthdate, one has his wife's name, one has his son's name.

I have a slight hunch that he entered NY by himself, returned to Europe, and
re-entered with his son nearly 12 years later.

Are there any databases that I can search of records of people leaving
America to confirm my suspicions?

Anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can pick the correct ancestor?
Thanks in advance,
BatSheva Goldstein
Efrat, Israel

Researching: FAIVESHEVITZ/FAJBISZEWICZ (later changed to FISHER)from

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