Re: belarus digest: July 02, 2006 #belarus

Jon Seligman

Subject: Re: Seeking photos of Orsha and Shklov

Another highly recommended site with photographs and explanations of many
towns and Shtelelach in Belarus is Radzima
( Last week the site posted a series of
pictures >from the Druya cemetery. The site contains a large number of
images of Jewish interest.

It can be navigated in English and contains many professional photographs of
Belarus. I especially suggest you view the stunning photographs in the
Wallpaper section.

Jon Seligman
Zur Hadassah

SELIGMAN/ZELIKMAN, CHAZAN - Slobodka, Belarus; Montreal, Canada;
Johannesburg, SA
GILLIS - Kretinga, Lith.; Sunderland, UK; Oudtshoorn, SA
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SANDMAN - Koenigsburg (Kaliningrad), Russia; Newcastle, UK; Oudtshoorn, SA

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