Bayside Cemetery in Ozone Park #general

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I have good news for those of you who have become frustrated in the past
trying to obtain information on burials at Bayside Cemetery in Ozone Park,
New York.

I have very recently acquired most of the Bayside Cemetery burial data
(perhaps 24,000 of a total of 29,000 burials.) The burial data generally
contains the deceased's surname, given name, the name of the society who
owns the plot, the society gate number (only about 14,000 of the burials
have a town associated with the plot they're buried in), date of burial
(i.e. not date of death), age at death, and maybe a little bit more
information in certain instances. I have no photographs (except what I have
from when I went there in the last couple of years, for perhaps parts of
only a dozen society plots), nor do I have any information at all about the
deceased's Hebrew name or the Hebrew name of their father, and only the very
rare date of birth.

Here are the names of the European towns that are associated with some of
the society burial plots located in Bayside Cemetery:

Belarus: Lyubcha and Radoskovichi.
Lithuania: Kalvarija, Kraziai, Marijampole, Salant, Sejny and Veisiejai.
Poland: Biezun, Ciechanow, Gniezno, Golub-Drobzyn, Grajewo, Kalisz, Konin,
Krakow, Kutno, Makow Mazowiecki, Mlawa, Nasielsk, Plock, Przasnysz, Pyzdry,
Stawiski, Suwalki, Trzcianne and Wloclawek.

If you think a person of interest is buried at Bayside Cemetery, you can
write to me at the e-mail address below. This database has only about 24,000
names on it of a purported 29,000, so I might be missing the name of someone
you're looking for. There's nothing I can do about that. Many of us know
this cemetery is, for the most part, poorly maintained, so in the absence of
our being able to visit the cemetery and find who you are looking for, this
database can sure come in handy. Please enter the word "Bayside" in the
Subject field of your email, so I will be drawn to your inquiry.

With this new data and with my current cemetery burial information, not to
mention Rabbi Edward Cohen's burial data >from Connecticut, Western
Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I now have more than 210,000 burial names in
my database that is generally not currently available elsewhere. I have
managed to reconcile all my cemetery data and can now search my entire
cemetery db at the same time. Hopefully at some point my entire cemetery db
will be online on my website for all to search whenever they want.

I hope that the information I have made available will be helpful to you.

Steven Lasky
New York

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