Researching a LYONS family living in NY in mid-late 1880s #general

Juliet <juliet@...>

Hi all,

I am interested in a LYONS family that lived in NY 1880s who originated >from
England perhaps in the early 1850s.

Mordechai Lyons was born in 1821 in England. In the 1880 census, he lists his
occupation as cigar maker. He is married in 1853 to Maria LAZARUS born (also in
England I believe) in 1826.

They have at least 5 children, Bertha (b 1854), Sarah (b 1857), Leah (b 1858)
Julia (1863), and Henry (b 1871).

I think Bertha married a Mr. LANSEADEL and Julia married a Mr STRAUT.
Sarah married Morris STAMPER in 1883 and died in 1925.

It is possible that Mordechai Lyons was a sibling of Esther Lyons who married Moses
Lazarus who were the parents of Emma Lyons Lazarus.Although I have also seen Emma
Lazarus's mother attributed with the maiden name Esther Nathan.

Any additional information about this family would be greatly appreciated.


Juliet Stamper

Berkeley, California, USA

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