GINZIG/GINZING & MORRIS: Married but single in census, multiply names #general

Debby Gincig Painter

Again thanks to all who have helped me with my "brick wall". I have a couple more
questions. My Greatparents (William GINZIG/GINZING and Lenna/Lena MORRIS were
married in October of 1899, but my Great-Grandmother is still shown living at her
parents house in the June, 1900 Manhattan census as single with no mention of my
Great-Grandfather even living there. (I know this is the right family because of
the siblings listed.) I realize that it is possible that he wouldn't be on the
census if he was away, but why would she be listed as single? Plus, can't find my
Great-Grandfather anywheres in 1900 censuses.

Secondly, Lena's father is shown as Gustav in 1900 Manhattan census, George in
1910/1920 Los Angeles censuses, and Alexander on her marriage certificate. (Unable
to find family in 1880 census.) I'm pretty sure they are all the same person but
how does one go about verifying this?

Thanks to all in advance,

Debby Gincig Painter
Constantine, Michigan

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