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Hello All

I was just going over some of my records and noticed something odd. I have a copy
of my great-grandfather Adolph GREENBERG's Naturalization Certificate and on the
top is typed "Issued In Lieu Of Certificate 429825", and i would love to know what
this refers to. My great-grandfather came in through ellis island and remained in
New York(Manhattan) until 1914-1915, and then moved to Connecticut.

I have ordered his naturalization papers, but neither the declaration or petition
bears that number. Also on the back of the copy is a stamp mark. In it is my
great-grandmothers signature of Minnie Greenberg and a date of October 1920. Some
of the writing is worn away, but it states something like this"Approved on October
18, 1920 by the board of selectman in the town of Bridgeport which is the town that
the family moved to after 1914-1915.

Any and all advice as to these notation would be very helpful.

Sarah Greenberg(USA-CT)

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