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Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

Denise Abzill writes:
< 1930s and early 1940s called "Chiquita and Johnson". He said she was traveling
with false papers (she was Jewish) and was eventually caught by the authorities
I did a quick digitized newspaper search, and even though there were no articles I
could find until the 1950s....ones >from those decades provided information about
this "acrobatic dance team" and mentioned how they had fled >from Russia when
Chiquita was ordered back there by her Russian ballet master. The dancers "got to
American after appearances in Africa, Cuba and Mexico." They were also signed to a
movie deal by producer Sam Wiesenthal in Hollywood.

I'm sure that by browsing all 64 articles in which they are mentioned (primarily
L.A. and Chicago papers) you might turn up a few more tidbits with details about
their earlier years. It's also possible that they might have gotten coverage in
some of the Hollywood magazines of that era.

Always consider newspaper/magazine research as a vital adjunct to the usual
methods. Sounds like a fascinating story. Good luck with it!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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