Eidel #general

Herbert Lazerow

Idel is a man's name, a variant of Yuda, so one might look for the usual names
beginning with J like Julius etc It looks like you are looking for Eydl, most
commonly written Eidlya in Cyrillic, which Beider lists as a name taken >from German
Christian names in the middle ages. Comparable English names might be Adele or
more remotely Elka, and I know one Eidlya who became Annie, though I do not see the
connection other than both names beginning with a vowel. Beider also lists Eitel
as a variant on Esther. Short answer is that it is so difficult to figure out what
English name someone will take that you should not quickly discard anyone you find
a record of with the right surname, especially if the given name begins with a
vowel or D.
Herbert Lazerow
E-mail: lazer@sandiego.edu

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