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Nick <tulse04-news1@...>

"Joan Rosen" <jgrosen@...> wrote
I apologize for writing that the name above, according > to Gorr, is *gentile*
woman. I certainly did not mean to offend.
I have found a discussion in
where someone has asked why someone would given their daughter the name Gentile.
It is pointed out by one poster there that in French, for instance, gentil means
"nice, delicate" and that this is the precise equivalent of Yiddish "eidel."

The English equivalent is, indeed, gentile (pronounced genteel) - mainly
applied to a woman. So it doesn't seem to me that Joan's typing was incorrect.
It doesn't have anything to do with the word gentile. says that Yentl comes via Italian >from Latin gentilis - of the
same clan - which is presumably also the root for a gentile meaning non-Jew.
gentile (pron hen-teele) in modern Spanish means people.

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