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Ury Link

Subject: Name Eidel
Daer Genners,
Mr Joan Rosen write:
According to Shmuel Gorr's book "Personal Names" ,p. 52, the names Adel, Eide, or
Eidel are all equivalent to Adinah, a Hebrew name with biblical origins<<

I have the book of Rabbi Shmuel Gorr on my table ,and I read what he think about
the name Eidel and I am surprised about Shmuel Gorr. He write that the name Adinah
get out >from a biblical oral tradition, without to give the source of the place
that he find it. I have a lot of books in my home and I look into the Bible and in
the Talmud and I don't find this name.(of course only in books that I have in my
home). The Hebrew dictionary of Even Shushan give this name Adina as a modern
name. Mr Goor z"l past away before years so we don't know what he means with the
suggestion that Adina was a "Gentile female" wife of Levy.

The female name Eidel is derived >from the old German name Edel according Dr S.
Salfeld in his book "Das Martyrologiium des Nurnberger Memorbuches, Berlin
1898 page 392.

And >from the archive of jewishgen I find a letter >from me ,writing in 1999
with the next: It come out >from the German name Edel and it mean noble, or precious
stones, metal. And >from this name Edel we get the name Udel and Ydel.

Best regarde
Ury Link

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