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Dear friends,

I have looked in a Swedish geneologi database:

I find an Erik Wetter, born 1889 in Stockholm. He was married to Maja
Wetter, born Calander 1904 in Gothenburg, Sweden. About Erik Wetter is no
more information, But his wife has ancestors. If it is the same. I have
written to Karl Bergstrand, the guy who registred him, and asked if he has
more information. Here is the link to where i found him:
I dont know how much you can find out when you not are member there. I am
member and can see everthing.

Her is a link to the homepage >from Karl Bergstrand who had Erik Wetter. But
i dont find Erik Wetter there:

If he was an Admiral you could of course write to the Swedish war Archive
and ask if they have anything.

I have also asked a friend if he could find out more.

This is what i shorlty found out. See if I can get more information.

Kindly regards

Fred Zimmak / Sweden, Stockholm

Allan Jordan wrote: "Wondering if someone can help out or suggest how I
might find an obit or details of a man named Erik WETTER. He was reportedly (maybe
honorary) an Admiral in Sweden.

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