Re: Israel's new online directory stymies genealogical searches #general


Is it just me, but I find the online Bezeq 144 page easier. Of course,
it works only in Hebrew.

There's only 1 compulsory field: Family name.

I can just enter, for example, my own family name (in Hebrew it's
spelt differently of course) and I get many results >from the whole
country (including myself). And now not only Bezeq numbers are
displayed, cellular numbers are available as well.

Maybe people like Steve Morse should take another look at the site and
see if he can make another front end.

And maybe people shouldn't believe everything they read, or maybe I'm
missing the point.

Richard Dahl
Rehovot, Israel

From: "c h a i m" <chaimc@...>
Those searching for family and friends in Israel have been deprived of
a major resource, because Bezeq (Israel Phone Company) has redesigned
its online telephone directory.

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