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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Lori Swartz wrote as follows:

Does anyone have any idea what the Yiddish and/or Hebrew name(s) would have
been for someone who was called Alice when they immigrated to America?
It is wise to keep in mind that our European ancestors during the 19th and
early 20th centuries used all kinds of names, in various venues -- Hebrew,
Yiddish, local secular, German secular, secular names >from countries other
than the one in which they lived, and others.

I have not found any data for Jewish *Belarus* emigrants related to the
English name Alice adopted by them in non-European countries of
immigration, based on a statistical linkage to the names they had in
Europe. The name Alice was adopted in England, in the US, and in Palestine
by immigrants to those countries, that is, Jews who had emigrated >from
various countries in Europe. The Hebrew name which was the common
denominator to this name was "Aliza", meaning "joy", or the similar name

For example, the versions of the name Alice which were adopted by Jews
escaping >from Europe to Palestine were Alice, Alisa, and Aliza (written in
Hebrew, of course) -- and these names were statistically linked to their
European Jewish and non-Jewish names such as the ones suggested below.

Thus, if the name linkages which applied to other European countries during
the period extending up to about 1925, also applied to Belarus, then here
are some possibilities of European secular names for Lori to keep in mind
for a relative migrating to the US, leading to the name Alice in that country:

Alice/Alicia/Alissa/Alissia (English), Alies/Alisa/Alise/Alisia (Germany),
Aliza, Alicia/Alicja/Alicya/Alitsia (Polish), Adelcia (German)

Such names can be found by visiting the JewishGen web site for Given Names
Data Bases, and searching its various data bases for the English name
"Alice", the Hebrew name "Aliza", or one of the above secular names:

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Professor G. L. Esterson
Ra'anana, Israel

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