Sam, Fannie & Florence KAPLAN family, MS & Michigan, Plus More Pictures relating to GINSBURG Family, Laurel,MS #belarus

Rachelle Berliner <rlberliner@...>

Please view these additional pictures to see if you know anyone in the
Confirmation Class of 1939 in MS, or one of the 3 people in the group of
pix, the Grandfather or Uncle of Henry GINSBURG.
We hope these additional pictures will open a connection for the family and
the memorabilia will be returned to descendants of Ellis, Bessie and Henry
Information: Ellis GINSBURG and Sam KAPLAN (wife, Fanny) were co-owners of a
dress shop in Laurel, MS. Both Bessie GINSBURG and Fanny KAPLAN were born in
Michigan according to the 1930 Census. The two gentlemen were born in
Russia. The 1920 census shows Sam Caplin (different spelling but obviously
the same person) as a brother-in-law (BorI) and Florence as a niece. The
1920 Census shows Bessie born in Russia. Comparing the Census, there is not
a full 10 years difference in ages between 1920 and 1930 except for Florence
Kaplan/Caplin. Usually, the 1920 census is most accurate.
During the 1939 Confirmation, Henry Martin GINSBURG would have been 14 or 15
years old.
To view these new pictures, please log onto:, files VM 8317 and VM 8318.
Please reply privately.
Many thanks in advance for any help given.

Rachelle Berliner
Savannah, GA

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