Solomon Zelman GLOBUS #general


I am looking for more information on the family of Solomon Zelman GLOBUS who lived
from c. 1760-1831. He was the son of Eliezer, and married a great granddaughter of
Jehiel HEILPERIN ("Seder Hadorot"). I believe she had no known surname, and was not
a direct male line descendant of R. Jehiel (so did not have the name HEILPERIN). At
one point, this family was in Vilna, but I do not know if Solomon GLOBUS and his
descendants were. I do find in the Revision Lists of Lithuania , a Berko GLOBUS
b. 1791, who was son of Zelman, and lived in Vilnius proper. His children were:
Chaim Ovsey, Israel Movsha, and Pesach. He was married to Miryam. There are known
grandchildren as well, so I think its promising to link this particular branch to
the present day.

I would appreciate it if someone could contact me privately if they have
information on Solomon GLOBUS or known descendants and whether or not this family
in the Revision Lists is likely to be the same people.

I am looking in general to find information pertaining to modern day descendants of
Jehiel Heilperin, since it has been alleged that my great great great great
grandfather, Eliasz Nuchem Halpern, descends directly >from him. This part of the
GLOBUS family would be my distant cousins.


Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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