Re: Where is Ralisko/Raliska #general

Kris Murawski <kris.murawski@...>

Debbie Bozkurt wrote:
A very kind gentle man has just emailed me a picture of his
naturalisation application >from SA (I am still waiting for the
National Archives in London to send me theirs) and it states the place
of birth as (written above original writing) Ralisko, I personally
think the original reads Raliska Rue Poland. Not sure about small
little word.
Could it possibly be Kalisz Gubernia (oftened shortened to Kalisz Gub), a
district of Congress Poland?

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK
Since Debbie locates her family roots in the area of Izbica Kujawska, I
think that the likely candidate for Ralisko/Raliska is village Kaliska
located less than twenty miles east of Izbica Kujawska in the
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province (Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie) of Poland.
Kris Murawski
Annandale, VA

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