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ms nodrog

Dear Genners,
I am searching for information about any family
of Boris Kaplan. A relative believes that he was
born in Poland and was a dentist. He married my
Aunt Shayna Leybovich/Lubovitch/Leibowitz in
Kovno, Lithuania and they lived there before

My aunt was killed in the Holocaust. There was a
child, possibly a boy, and no one seems to be
sure if the child survived or not. Boris escaped
and is recorded as having been in Mü-Freimann
(Germany) and then in Italy. Information I have
received suggests that those people in Italy
usually went to Israel so he may have lived out
his years there.

Boris did contact relatives in Ireland after the
war but those relatives still alive don't know
exactly what happened to him.

If there is anyone who knew this Boris Kaplan, or
any other, I would appreciate hearing >from them.
His family may not know that he was previously
married or that there may have been another

Please respond to msnodrog@...

Thank you in advance for your response and

Hope Gordon

BAITCH:Austria;Torczyn/Torchin,Volhynia/Wolyn,Lutsk,UK; Baltimore,MD
BAJCZ:Austria;Torczyn/Torchin, Volhynia/Wolyn,Lutsk,Ukraine
GOLDFARB: orchin,Volhynia,Lutsk;New Haven,CT

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