The Circumcision book of the Zwetsen Community Germany 1834-1863 #general

Ury Link

Dear Genners,

With permission of Angela La Rose-Johnson USA
I get >from Angela La Rose-Johnson a copy of the Circumcision book of the Jewish
synagogue of Zwetsen , a small town in Neiderburg-Kassl area, Northern Hessen,
Germany. She ask me to translated it and I do this work. First I copy all the
document in Hebrew (deciphering the hand script) and then I translated to English.
The are 46 circumcision between 1843 and 1863.

Angela La Rose-Johnson gave me the permission to give a copy >from this work
to anyone hoe is interested in it.

Anybody who is interested can contact me privately.

Best regards

Ury Link

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