Myles Standish redux #general

Thomas F. Weiss

Thank you to all who responded to my request for information on Myles Standish.
Unfortunately, no refugees who were helped by Myles Standish have responded thus
far. However, I did get a number of queries about Myles Standish, Hiram Bingham,
and Varian Fry. Hence, I am enclosing the following reference list for those
interested in these men and in the history of the Holocaust in Marseille.

Bingham, Robert Kim (2007). Courageous Dissent, Triune Books, Greenwich, CT.
Feuchtwanger, Lion (1941). The Devil in France, My Encounter with Him in the Summer
of 1940, Viking Press, New York, NY.
Fittko, Lisa (1991). Escape Through the Pyrenees, Northwestern University Press,
Evanston, IL.
Fry, Varian (1945). Surrender On Demand, Johnson Printing, Boulder, CO.
Gold, Mary Jayne (1980).Crossroads Marseilles 1940, Doubleday & Co., Garden City,NY
Isenberg, Sheila (2001). A Hero of Our Time, The Story of Varian Fry, Random House,
New York, NY.
Marino, Andy (1999). A Quiet American, The Secret War of Varian Fry, St. Martins
Press, New York, NY.
Rafshoon, Ellen (2002). Harry Bingham: beyond the call of duty, Foreign Service
Journal, June 2002, pp. 16-25.
Ryan, Donna F. (1996). The Holocaust & the Jews of Marseille, University of
Illinois Press, Urbana, IL.
Sullivan, Rosemary (2006). Villa Air-Bel, HarperCollins Publ., New York, NY.

Thank you,
Thomas Fischer Weiss
Newton, MA USA

FRENKEL (Buchach, Vienna); BUCHHALTER (Skalat); ENGEL (Vienna); FISCHER (Hriskov,
Schlan, Prague); FRAENKEL, FRUCHTER (Rozhnyatov,Vienna); KATZ (Schlan); KLEPETAR
(Jistebnice); MEISELS (Nadworna, Vienna); OLLOP (Vienna); ORLIK (Pohor, Jistebnice,
Benesov, Tabor); QUADRATSTEIN (Vienna, Saarbrucken); VODICKA (Dobronitz,
Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor)

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