Cemetery Visit: Newark, NJ #general

Steven D. Bloom <sbloom@...>

I am looking for someone who could possibly visit Lenath Hatzedek Cemetery in
Newark, NJ, assuming it still exists under that name. My sources tell me its on
Grove St., though I am not familiar with Newark at all. I live in Virginia, so it
is not particularly easy for me to get to New Jersey.

In particular, I am looking for information on the father of Rabbi Dov Ber
HAILPERIN, who died in Orange, NJ in 1921. His father's given name may be in
Hebrew on his grave stone. I am trying to fill in some gaps between he and his
claimed ancestor, R. Jehiel HEILPERIN of Minsk.

Please contact me privately if you are willing to do this. I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thank you.
Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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