Re: Yiddish in Czech lands -- and all over Europe - Breugus #austria-czech

jac_jam <jacjam_ros@...>

But first to the word "Breugus" which has always intrigued me and has an
unusual origin. I know it was used both by my father who hailed >from London [of
Polish lineage in the 1800s] and my mother's family with their Viennese,
Pressburg, Bohemian and Moravian ancestry. I never hear it used today in my circles
[perhaps the wrong ones?]; has it died out?

The word means "offended" or "beleidigt" in German and I have traced its
origin to the Italian "imbroglio" [a row]; however I always assumed it to be a
yiddish word which has established itself all over Central Europe and Jewish
I think that word "breugus" is originaly hebrew "Be'Rogez" - in anger.

Jacob Rosenberg
Rehovot Israel

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