Siberia SHERENSON #general


Reading Avraham KAHAN's email made me think of my own problem finding
records for Tomsk in W Siberia.

Recently I found the parentage and family of Nechama Ida SHERMAN who married

I noted that one of his brothers lived his whole life in Lithuania, whereas my
SHERENSONs had to leave for some reason and went to Tomsk in W Siberia, >from where
in 1904 they sent a photo post card to my GGF thanking him for help.

Picture shows a young couple with two small children and a baby on mother's knee.

Is there any source of Jewish birth records in W Siberia?

Additionally I found my Mr SHERENSON had a brother Reuben. Reuben's birthday is
the same as that of Dr Reuben SHARENSON of Massachusetts.(Zal) but his family say
he had only several older sisters, which is contrary to my findings for Sherenson.

Thanks for any suggestions for further research

Ros Romem

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