Re: "Ach" #general

P. S. Wyant


"Ach" is a Jewish surname, albeit a not-very-common one. Menk, "A Dictionary of
German-Jewish Surnames" (Avotaynu, 2005) gives it as mainly found in Bavaria, >from
"Ach" (Upper German for "little river"). He places it in 1715 in Mackenheim,
Bas-Rhin, France, and in 1830 at Rust, Baden, W├╝erttenburg.


Peter Wyant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Elaine Solas wrote:

The word "Ach," appears on the death certificate following the deceased, Ike Israel,
father's name, as "Mordehai I. Ach," Can anyone explain the word Ach?

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