Re: Dahan question #general

yoni and rivka benari <yrcdi@...>

I learned recently that the name DAHAN is considered to be abbreviation for D=David
H=Hamelech, N=Nimshach, in hebrew meaning "King David (the ) annointed". This
doesn't mean necessarily that the name may have another meaning in Arabic, etc. Or
it could mean that some of the DAHANs who are not Jewish (today) may have
come >from Jewish origins. Similiarly the name AZOULY is an abreviation for a
passage in the bible refering to the Kohanic (priestly) clan.

Shavua Tov and a good winter to all.
Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

Karen Besterman-Dahan wrote:
My husband's surname is Dahan, however he is not Jewish - he is >from Libya with a
huge extended family that has been there for many generations, of Berber descent.
So we were surprised to learn how common an Israeli name it is, since that is a
context he never knew growing up. We also found Dahans in Morocco and Algeria >from
the Yad Vashem Shoah site, and I'm just wondering if there is some connection?

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