VINER /WINNER families Leeds UK #general


Dear All,
Recently I discovered that my maternal grandparents were married in Leeds in the
year 1888 at The New Synagogue in Chapeltown Rd. On the marriage certificert is
written: In 1888 Joseph Winner (Viner /Vyner) wedded Betsy Besinsky (Bershansky
/Barsionsky). Joseph,who called himself, Joe,Jowe or Yossi, had his names written
obviously according to his foreign accent, thus the "Viner" as we knew the name,was
spelt "Winner" His witness on the marriage certificert was named John Winner.
On the database for Leeds Synagogues,I found John on the burials list, his hebrew
name being Yona,Zalman ben Binyomin Viner. On the gravestone of Joseph,in the Etz
Chaim cemetery is written Joseph ben Binyomin which suggests that both the men had
the same father. According to the 1891 Yorkshire census, John (Yona),married to
Rachel (maiden name unknown) lived in Livery St.Leylands. On the 1901 census the
address was 11 St.Albans St.The family included six children.

Rose .(Raisel bat Yona Zalman) married Isaac Flowers. Leah(Lily) married Morris
Beharier >from Middlesborough Maurice (Moshe Yoseph ben Yona Zalman) married a
Sophia Rifkin Annie married AlecVelinsky . All were married at The New Briggate
Shul and all are buried in The New Briggate section of Gildersome. John,Maurice and
Louis (Aryeh ben Yona)all died in 1932. Rachel Viner(Rochel,Basyah bat Aryeh) died
in 1948 aged 92rys. Rose Flowers died in 1962.

I am interested in corresponding with people who relate to these Leeds families.
I would like to know of emmigrants to other countries. My aim is the search for
relatives and to discover the birthplace of Joseph and Yona (John) Viner in
Brenda Habshush, Kibbutz Sde Boker,Ramat Negev,Israel.

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