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The naturalization was done through the Court of Common Pleas in New York
County, which no longer exists. Naturalizations were done at various types
of courts in different levels of government. The original question
related to a naturalization that probably occurred in Northampton, PA, but
it may not have occurred in the county court. The National Archives are
likely the best source of information in many cases.
Just because the court "no longer exits" does not mean that its records were thrown
away. In the case of the Court of Common Pleas for New York County (Manhattan),
Petitions for Naturalization filed 1792-1895 and Declarations of Intent filed
1802-1895 are in the possession of the Old Records Division of the County Clerk's
Office for the State Supreme Court of New York County (Manhattan). Their public
access location is Room 703 at 31 Chambers St., NYC, but their mailing address is
60 Centre St, Room 161. Dexigraph copies of these records are what the National
Archives sent you, and the Washington Office of the National Archive will not have
anything more as their centralization of such records began with changes to the
administration of the naturalization process in 1906.

According to Estelle Guzik's Genealogical Resources in New York (published 2003),
the original copies of these records are stored "off-site and cannot be accessed."
Thus people are sent to the National Archives Northeast Region to access the
photographic copies. However, Esetlle's compilation is now several years old and
it may be worthwhile checking to see of some form of access to the originals, or to
better copies, is now possible.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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