Fw: IVYE document at Yad Vashem #belarus

Jack Menes <jm1157@...>

To those interested in the town of Ivye,

As most of you know, Yad Vashem has put on its website a new category of
documents called Shoah-Related Lists. In particular, there is a document of
77 pages that can be looked at, that is described as a list of people
murdered in the Grodno Ghetto. Although Yad Vashem maintains that its
description is correct, my own impression is that it is a list of Jews
murdered in the Ivye Ghetto.

I looked for a few of the names on the list in Pages of Testimony connected
to Grodno, without success. On the other hand, I was able to find a few
families that are on the list, among the Pages of Testimony connected to
Ivye. There are about 30 people with the name BAKSHT listed on the first
page of the document. This name is not in the Pages of Testimony of Grodno,
but is common in Ivye. Likewise among Family Finders at Jewish Gen.

In any case, those interested in Ivye should take a look at this document.
It's in Russian and sometimes hard to read! It can be found by going to Yad
Vashem website, preferably with Internet Explorer, clicking on Shoah
Lists, typing in Grodno and leaving everything else blank. As of now, 36
items show up. Near the end there is one called List of Jews who Perished
the Grodno Ghetto. It purports to have 10,850 names. Actually 2000-3000 is
more correct. (77 pages x 30 names/page = ?).

Jack Menes



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