Jack (Yankel) SKORKA #general


I am looking for information about my Uncle Jack (Yankel) SKORKA, my father
Herman's brother. I tried to contact him when I became interested in Genealogy but
I was too late, as he had died.

Jack was in Konskie, Poland when World War II broke out. He was married and had
either one or 2 children. He escaped to Russia without his family (I do not know
the circumstances). I cannot find any record of his first wife or family at Yad
Vashem. After the war he travelled to a Displaced Persons (DP) Camp in Germany. He
met a woman who he later married and they relocated to Australia, where he owned a
bakery. He later emigrated to the US, divorced his second wife and married a third
wife. While here, he lived in New York and worked at the Bialistoker Home on
Houston Street as a baker. He spent time at holiday occasions at my mother and
father's home in the Bronx. Unfortunately I never heard the details of his story n
or were they told to me. I recently was able to find him mentioned in Australian
immigration files and intend to search for more info there.

Any information that can be supplied will be appreciated.
I can be reached at: irvela@comcast.net. Thank you in advance.

Irv Skorka

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