Re: US Army Information #general

Sarah L Meyer

I am replying to the list instead of directly because I think that this link may
be helpful. >from here Enid goes to the WW2
Enlisted men records and types her father's name and if she chooses to put in the
enlistment year it is a TWO digit year (e.g. 41). One record shows up, her
father's. If she double clicks on the page icon at the left, she will learn that
he was born in Latvia and was a warrant officer. He was not yet a citizen when
he enlisted. However the state of residence comes up with an "unidentified code".
However reviewing the code list in the search form code 02 comes up as Alaska.
This site is free.
Sarah L. M. Christiansen

Subject: US Army information--enlistment April 21, 1941: Israel IDELSOHN
I am trying to find information about my father's army life 1941-1946. He was
Israel IDELSOHN (a/k/a "Mike") who enlisted in the US Army on April 21, 1941 ...

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