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My name is Michèle Krebs and I live in Berne/Switzerland.
My grand-parents emigrated >from Tblisi in about 1903 first to Mahilyow
(until 1906) and then to Berne/Switzerland. While my GM (born SCHERMANN)
remained in Switzerland with her two youngest children (my aunt and my
father, born in Switzerland), my GF and his two oldest sons returned to
Russia and the family never met again.
I know that my GM had correspondence with her family in Russia until her
death in 1954, and I even have pictures of the family in Russia so I know
that there was still family after World War II.
I know these names:
GF: Ruben Mirmowitsch,born ca.1870-1880(?)
Sons: Jona and Mischka Mirmowitsch, born between 1898/1904(?).

I recently found out that a man called Rifke Mirmowitsch,born 1880,
emigrated by ship >from Bremen to New York in February 1906 to his brother
Fried..(?) Mirmowitsch who lived then 33,Canal Street, New York (This I
learnt by checking Passenger Lists). If this is a person related to my
family I don't know.

I have no family left in Switzerland, and I think there must be cousins
either in Russia or emigrated to anywhere.Does anybody know something about
these persons?

Thanks for helping

Michèle Krebs


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