Re: Methodology for recording first names #general

Ury Link

Yaacov Slizak write:
I would like to learn >from other people's experience and methods in
recording ancestors first names, especially the question of variations
depending the place of origin, use of nicknames and use of a more neutral
(Hebrew) root name.

My answer is: We must to be honest to our fathers, and when the give a name
and we know the way that it is written in civil documents, religion
documents, letters or tombstone, then we must to do the same in our
database, without change a letter.

You give the sample of "Yitzhak" a good sample, but why you write it in this
spelling ? why not as Yitzchak, or Yizchak,Jizhak,Jitschak etc.....I can
find more sample as Jaacov,Jaacow,Yacow,Yaacof etc... . In every language
you have another spelling and tradition how you write a name.

The best way is to write it in the same way as you find it in documents. And
if you think that you must to give a explanation ,then you can do it as a
footnote, but not as a.k.a. . A.k.a mean that he is know in another name
in the time that he lived.

My Principe is that I write everything as it is written in the time when the
person lived and not in the way that we wanted to do it today. And don't
forget that the English language was not the first language that our fathers
have been speaking before 100 years in Europe (excepted England and the
Best regards

Ury Link

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