Re: Introducing new coordinators for Belarus SIG #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

Dear Belarus SIG Members,

I would like to thank Sharon Fingold and David Feldman stepping forward to
lead the SIG in the coming years. They will need the help and support of
the membership and I urge you all to step forward and help them succeed.
There are many ways that you can show your support:

1. Volunteer your time. The SIG now needs discussion group moderators and
shtetl research leaders.
2. Donate funds for SIG research projects, translations of Belarus Yiskor
Books, and Belarus Cemetery Projects, as well as the Belarus SIG General
3. Share your research successes, your research methods, and anything else
related to Belarus that might help your fellow SIG members, by posting
messages to the SIG discussion group. <belarus@...>
4. Don't be shy about asking questions about Belarus related topics on the
SIG Discussion Group. Other people probably have similar questions and
people learn >from the answers to your questions.
5. Write up a trip report on your visit to Belarus, share a family memoir
describing Jewish life in Belarus, and write up anything related to people
and places in Belarus. Send your articles to Fran Bock
<franbock@...> the SIG Newsletter Editor, who has been doing a
wonderful job, as you can see by visiting:
6. If you have language skills in Russian, Byelorussian, Polish, Hebrew, or
Yiddish and are willing to donate your time to do some translations, please
volunteer your services to the new SIG leaders.
David Feldman and Sharon Fingold have been in contact with me and we are all
working together so that I can share what I know with them to make their
jobs as easy as possible. I again want to thank them as well as Fran Bock,
Kevin Hanit, Adar' Belinkoff, and Suzanne Waxman for taking on positions of
responsibility and wish them all success in the challenges that await them.
I want them all to succeed and I hope that you will all help them succeed by
taking my suggestions above.

With fond regards,
David Fox
Mail to: davefox73@...
Belarus SIG Founder and Past Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

Dear Belarus SIG,

In a moment of strength, weakness, or naivete at the
2006 NYC conference, we volunteered to become Belarus
SIG co-coordinators. Since mid-October, we've been
slowly transitioning into our new role with the help
of the JewishGen transition team, past Belarus SIG
leaders, and current SIG volunteers. This has been
quite an education and our appreciation for those who
have gone before us grows every day!
Looking forward to working with you,
Sharon Fingold and David Feldman

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