Giving thanks for ..... Moderators! #belarus


This time of year, many of our American members are
preparing in some way for the Thanksgiving holiday.
As part of this season of "thanks" let's give thanks
for our moderators.

Thanks for our soon to be moderator emeritus who has
quietly and calmly, through rain, sleet, snow and sun,
between chores and fun activities, day and night,
behind the scenes kept our messages flowing. Thanks
for your help over the years and for training our new,
upcoming moderators.

Thanks for new moderators! I'm happy to announce that
two people have stepped forward to serve as
moderators. One of the volunteers can start
immediately and will soon be a moderator-in-training.
The other can start in February-March of 2007. Thanks
to these two for stepping forward.

If you were thinking about being a moderator but just
didn't want to take the step and come forward, or you
were on vacation, you can still VOLUNTEER!!! Yes, we
could use a couple more moderators to help when
someone is on vacation or to take a shift.... You'll
be in nice company. Thanks!!

Sharon Fingold
Co-Coordinator JewishGen Belarus SIG

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