Giving thanks for ..... our newsletter editor and contributors! #belarus


Let's give thanks to our wonderful newsletter editor,
Fran Bock, who keeps posting new articles for us to
read. She has been our editor for quite some, at
least since 2002!!!

Let's also thank all the contributors over the years
who share their stories or information they've
discovered with all of us.

When is the last time you've looked at the newsletter?
You can find articles at

The latest articles are very moving stories of life in
Belarus during various periods >from 1900 to after
WWII. the 20th century.

If you have a story to share--family history, travels
in Belarus, or information you uncovered while doing
your research--please contact Fran and let her know.

A gentle reminder: All articles published in our
online newsletter are copyrighted and should not be
copied unless you have the permission of the copyright
holder. Contact Fran if you have any questions. If
you find an article you want to share with people
outside of the SIG, send them the link and they can
view it on our website.

Wishing you all the best. Thanks again to our editor
and contributors!

Sharon Fingold
Co-Coordinator of the JewishGen Belarus SIG

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