Gomel Belarus to Tashkent in 1941--translation help #belarus

Myrna L. Hewitt <azmyrna@...>

I just discovered that my great-uncle and his family went >from
Belarus to Tashkent in 1941.

Their registration forms are on line and I have posted 3 of them
(there are 4 more with our surname) on Viewmate. The index
translated the family name, first name, and patronymic name. I can
read the year of birth and have guessed where it identifies them as
Jewish. But I have been unable to even transliterate the rest of the
information. The card gives former and current place of residence as
well as former and current place of work and position.

If anyone can read the Russian script, please let me know anything
you can read. The people are Zalman Verkhin, VM8997, his wife Reveka
VM8998, and Khasia VM8999.

I thought Zalman lived in Gomel, but as far as I can read it his card
does not say Gomel. Can anyone read the town in which they lived?
Also the introductory material many people only went through
Tashkent. Does the writing in the lower left corner give their
actual residence. And where did they live?

If anyone wonders if their family members made this same journey and
I have learned that the Soviets evacuated tens of thousands, the URL
is http://resources.ushmm.org/uzbekrefugees/name_list.php#top

Myrna Hewitt
Tucson, AZ

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