Need help deciphering Russian town and Brooklyn Address from Passenger List #belarus


I finally found a passenger list I had been searching
for. My grandmother Rose FEIN arrived in NYC in Nov,
1913. Departure port was Libau. The relevant part of
the passenger list is on Viewmate:

Rose's information is on Line 8.

I need help deciphering the following:

1. Sister's first name and Brooklyn address.

2. Birth place town name. Scroll horizontally to the
very end to find the birth town name on the last line.
It looks like "Glechenz." I believe Rose was born
in Belarus. In 1913, her father was living in
Plescenitsy in Belarus.

ShtetlSeeker doesn't have an exact match for Glechenz.
In Belarus, two towns come up: Glushintsy and
Glazomichi. There don't seem to be any better matches
in other parts of the pale of settlement.

Finally, what language/writing style was used in Libau
in 1913? Was it Russian or Latvian or German? On the
passenger list (a different page not in Viewmate),
Rose's name is spelled as "Rasja Zeldja Fein" and I am
wondering what language was being used.

Please reply privately. Thanks for your help!

Sharon Fingold

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