Re: 2 Harrisburgs in Pennsylvania #general

Joan S. Gross

With regard to Barbara Zimmer's locating "the two Harrisburgs in Pennsylvania", I
have lived in Philadelphia as well as suburban Philadelphia for 73 years and to my
knowledge, as well as information found in the Atlas, there is no Harrisburg other
than the Pennsylvania state capitol. The city of Philadelphia is in Philadelphia
County. No other municipality is in Philadelphia County. Philadelphia is
surrounded by Bucks and Montgomery counties. Arkansas, Illinois and Oregon also
have one Harrisburg each. There is a very small town named Harrisville in the far
western part of
Joan S. Gross

"Barbara Zimmer" <> wrote:

There are **two places named Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. The smaller one
is about 13 miles >from Philadelphia in Philadelphia County.The larger one,
which most people think of first, is 107 miles >from Philly in Dauphin County.

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