GELLER- Docs. viewmate- translation help #austria-czech


I have posted 4 documents on Viewmate that are related to my husband's ggf,
David Elias GELLER of Metylovice, Czech. I believe these documents are in
German (although one may be Czech, it's hard for me to read).
Would someone be so kind as to help me with a translation? Even a rough one
would be greatly appreciated.
Doc. >from Czech Rep.

David Elias Geller Doc. 2

David Elias Geller Doc. 3

David Elias Geller Doc. 4

Please reply privately.
Thank you and best wishes,
Desiree Gil
Boston, MA
Researching: GELLER, SCHANZER, Metylovice, Czech and Oswiecim, Poland;
MIKENNBRUN, Any, Czech and Oswiecim, Poland.

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