seeking Abram Berek DAWIDOWICZ #general

James Bennett <Bennett@...>

My grandfather's older brother Abram Berek ben Wolf
DAWIDOWICZ, born in Wielun, Poland in 1868 or 1869 is "missing".
One of twelve children, almost all of whom immigrated to New York
at the beginning of the 20th century and
changed their names to BENNETT, his fate is unknown.

I've tried JRI-Poland, Ellis Island, etc.

Maybe he immigrated to England, as did my own grandfather
[for two years only, in Manchester, then to America]. Perhaps he
remained in England.

He could have become DAVIS, DAVIDSON or BENNETT. He would likely
have had sons and grandsons named Herbert, Harry, William, Max, and
daughters with names like Leah, Edel, Helen, Natalie etc

Does anyone know such a family?

Jim Bennett

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