Looking for Ymelda Peggy Bernstein in Los Angeles #general

ro sa

My Great great Father was Marco Braunstein from
Istanbul We know that his youngest son emmigrated to
USA on the last quarter of the 19th century or beg.
of the 20th century and get married . Unfortunately we
lost all contact.

All we know is that Ymelda Peggy Braunstein was my Mothers's
first cousin ( daughter of her uncle , brother of her mother )
our mother's maiden family name was Braunstein back in
Istanbul circa 1850... The mentioned brother Henry
moved to te USA and changed his name and surname to
Harry Brownson after naturalization get married to
Zell Craig >from Missouri, had a daughter Ymelda and
worked as a sales man and sales representative in
shoe business.. thats all i know, if you know more please
write to me and make me meet a new horizon in my
family tree ...thank you so much... ( i do live in
Istanbul )

Seda Kansu

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