NYCity Coroner's report-- how to? #general


I have just obtained a death certificate for an Abraham Feinberg who might be my
mother's estranged brother. He was found on Oct. 21, 1948 in his apartment on
Henry St. in Manhattan dead of "inhalation of illuminating gas." This sounds to
me like a suicide or at the very least an unattended death by accident. A
cousin, William Silverman, whose name I do not recognise, claimed the body >from
the City Mortuary. Based on the above, I wonder what information might be
available >from the NY City Coroner's Office and how to find out. I also think
it might have been reported in some newspaper at the time, but
don't know what paper is most likely.

Can anyone suggest how to look further so that perhaps I can determine whether
this is the right person? The death certificate gives his father's name as Sam,
which is correct for my gf, but leaves the mother's name blank, which gives me
no further clue.

Joy Weaver
East Islip, NY USA

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