question about information found on #general

Debby Gincig Painter

I have found my Great-Uncle, Abraham LUSTIG on this list. I used the
suggested translation program for the smaller sections, but I haven't
been able to navigate the site on a whole so I'm hoping someone can help
me figure out what it all means.

It says that that in 1940 Abraham is deported >from Lwow. July 24, 1940
he is interned in Muzykowo, Archangielska and September 4, 1941 he
"departs," or as explanation says, given amnesty.

Does any one know about Muzykowo, Archangielska and what exactly it was?
Secondly, given the rough translation, of the source (Archive IT
district USW Archangielskiego, book of polish citizen included >from 1941
year amnesty - position ) what is meant by amnesty and to where would
he have been deported - back to Lwow? If so, how would I trace what
happened next? Basically, how can I find out more with the information
provided on this site?

Debby Gincig Painter

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