more ROZENSZTEJN: road leads to London and South Africa #general

MandJMeyers <mandjmeyers@...>

More pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

The granddaughter of Yitzhak Yosef and Yochanan ROZENSZTEJN (sons of
Hersz Naftoli R) >from Janowa put me in contact with a cousin of hers
who had additional information.

Hersz Naftoli had 3 brothers (unfortunately no information yet on any

1. David ROSENSTEIN, was married to a Basia, and went to London around
1901 with 6 children.
David died in London in 1924 and finding his death certificate and
headstone will be crucial to get the names of David's (and Hersz Naftoli's)
parents. As some of David's descendants still live in England, we have
some very good leads there. There are also some possible leads at the
Edmonton Federation Cemetery (>from online JewishGen database).

2. One brother, name unknown, stayed in Poland.

3. Another brother of David and Hersz Naftoli, name unknown, emigrated
to South Africa.
So my family research leads me, for the first time ever, to the land of
South Africa.
Can anyone in South Africa suggest how to best track this unknown
(I haven't even started looking at online JewishGen resources >from that
country yet)

Another interesting point >from the DavidR family branch is that there is
a memory of contact, more than 20 years ago, with elderly "ROSENSTEIN"
cousins in Canada, but the names are elusive so far. Also, one of
DavidR's children (possibly Annie, nee ROSENSTEIN, KING, but not certain)
may have emigrated >from London to Canada.

Again, please contact me privately if any of this sounds familiar (or if
you have suggestions for South Africa research paths).

I have to say I am amazed at the size and breadth of the JewishGen and
JRI-Poland communities and the capabilities that are possible when
critical mass is achieved.......just phenomenal reach all around the world.

Thanks again to everyone who has been helping.

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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