Re: HITLER was originally HUTTLER #general

Wegner, Peter

Dear Celia

Re the Jewish "HITLER" family and the discussion of possible relationship to you
know who: I recall being informed as a child that Hitler's original name was not
Hitler at all but "Schickelgruber." So, was that not true? Was it just a myth --
so that people could say he changed it because it sounded too much like
"Shekel-grabber"? (-:)

Judith Romney Wegner

MODERATOR NOTE: The discussion of surname changes and the reasons behind them is,
of course of genealogical interest - many of us struggle to understand how our
ancestors became known by the surnames we find for them. If you are contributing
to this conversation, please make sure that your comments don't veer off to a
discussion about the infamous person whose name is referenced above.

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