Kurt and Erma SCHLESINGER Son Henry #general


Melody, and all,

Renee's email got me to thinking about ACRIS -
the NYC on-line city register for property
transactions. I used the search feature for both
Kurt and Henry Schlesinger. Some of the records
have scanned images [a boon], some not.

DOCUMENT ID: FT_1450008644845
Issued upon the death of Kurt SCHLESINGER, June
11, 1981.

United States
Certificate Discharging Property Subject to
Estate Tax Lien [Form 792]

Re: Estate of Kurt Schlesinger

To Stanley Zucker, Esq.
401 Broadway
New York, NY 10013

The second page has great detail about this
particular asset and states at the end of the
second paragraph "Being the same premises which
were conveyed to the 59th Street Building
Corporation by two deeds one by the Gerry
Estates, Inc. dated January 14, 1929, recorded in
New York County Register's Office January 16,
1929 in Liber. 3697 of Conveyances, page 224, and
by the Doncourt Reality Company dated January 6,
1926 and recorded in said Register's office
February 10, 1926 in Liber. 3522 of Conveyances,
page 424.

This should give you some real estate
corporations to look into as well as the location
in the [Library of] property conveyances for the
City of New York.

I haven't more time to investigate the other
properties, although it appears that one
"Goldome" is listed under both Kurt and Henry for
different reasons at different times.

takes you to the search menu.

Good luck,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

I received a wonderful idea to my posting
yesterday about locating Kurt and Erma
SCHLESINGER's son, Henry. I know that Kurt owned
several properties in New York City and that one
of the partners was an attorney. It was
suggested that they probably incorporated.


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