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Robert Alexander Rene Dupuis <R.Dupuis@...>

I'm searching for:

documents about the merchant David Ben Motel ISAKOWITZ, born 1854 in
Friedrichstadt (Jaunjelgeva)/Latvia, died on August 25th, 1907 in Manhatten,
New York City (certificate no. 27986, NYC death index). David Motel ISAKOWITZ
was married 1892 in Riga/Latvia with Victori Henriette Philipovna KEILMANN, who
dies 1893 in Riga by a kind bed fever.
David Motel ISAKOWITZ emigrated in 1905 with his twelf years old daughter Lydia
Rosalia Davidonva ISAKOWITZ >from Riga/Latvia, via the habour Hamburg/Germany to
Ellis Island/New York.

I'm interested on which Bet Ha Olam in New York City my great-greanduncle was
buried and whether the gravestone still exists. Also I'm interested in the
destiny of his thirteen years old daughter Lydia Rosalia Davidovna ISAKOWITZ,
born 1893 in Riga/Latvia. d. unknown. What did she doe when she was living alone
in New York?

from which New Yorker authority/city departement do I get the dying document of
David Motel ISAKOWITZ and informations about my great-grandcousin Lydia Rosalia
Robert Dupuis, Berlin/Germany

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