Updates on IAJGS Legislative Alert for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont #general

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Dear Jewish Genners:

The U.S. legislative sessions are actively addressing vital records access this

An updated IAJGS Legislative Latest Alert has been posted to the IAJGS website

For your information:

New Jersey
New information on actions by the New Jersey Committee on A 326 have been
included in the Legislative Alert. I am delighted to inform you that as a result
of the genealogical community's response, including IAJGS's, there were major
amendments adopted by the committee on March 6.
The bill now goes to the Assembly floor for passage, and if successful goes to
the Senate for consideration.

Pennsylvania--New addition

SB 1296 as introduced will open birth and death records after 75/50 years
The bill has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare,
but no hearing date has yet been set. For more information about the bill and to
review the bill go to the IAJGS Legislative Alert.

Representative Flory, informed IAJGS she plans to introduce amendments to H-397
at the hearing on Tuesday March 11 which will permit anyone to have access to the
information contained in the original death certificate through the State
Department of Health. The bill is expected to pass out of committee on March 11. If passed
there it will then be heard in the Senate.

If you learn of any legislation or regulations that either impede access to or
open access to vital records or census, please let me know.

Jan Meisels Allen
Director, IAJGS and
Chairperson, Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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