Petitions for Naturalization for Abraham Paul #general

Jay Paul <jpaul54@...>

I have two petitions for naturalization >from the Kings County Clerk's
Office that ended up being for other Abraham Pauls than my
grandfather (third time was the charm, thank goodness!!). I would
love to pass these on to anyone for whom these might be pertinent.
If these might be a relation, contact me via email and I will send
them to you.

#1: Abraham PAUL (b. 13 Mar 1874 at "Wolbrum, Russia"), married to a
Yetta PAUL, with children Gussie (b. 11 Dec 1900), Rosie (b. 1 May
1902), Charles (b. 12 Sep 1903), Philip (b. 19 Mar 1906), and Max (b.
3 Oct 1907). Arrived in New York on 4 Nov 1903 >from Rotterdam on the
vessel "Rotterdam."

#2: Abraham Willliam PAUL (b. 3 Mar 1893 in "Salant, Russia" -- but
last foreign residence was "Kovno, Russia"), not married initially at
time of petition (21 Mar 1916), but married some time between then
and date of certificate of naturalization (issued on 9 Nov 1916) to a
wife Hattie, aged 23 years. Arrived in New York >from Rotterdam on the
vessel "Amsterdam" on 18 Jul 1899.

Jay P. Paul, PhD
San Francisco, CA 94117, USA

Researching: SUMBERG (Pilvishok/Pilviskiai, Lithuania), Langert
(Pilviskiai & elsewhere in Suwalki gubernia); KAHN (Ranstadt,
Germany), PAVLOVSKIJ (Antonovka, Biela Tserkov, Vasilkov, Ukraine),
LEVITSKIJ (Yasnogorodka, Vasilkov, Kiev gubernia), KOTLER (Pilvishok,
Suwalki gubernia), WOLF (Hungary).

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