Jewish RAF Special Operators in Radio Counter Measures with 101 Squadron #general

Jeanne Gold <twig@...>

Another interesting article by Martin Sugarman, this article provides a
limited background and introduction to "secret telecommunications war
against the Germans during WWII."

The article also includes a section on "Jewish Special Operators",
"Jewish Personnell in other Electronic Warfar Sectors".

Appendix 1 lists SO's identified as Jewish, which survived and which

Appendix 2 lists the names of those appearing in "R. Alexander's 101 Squadron,
Roll of Honour (London 1979) and Chorley's six-volume Bomber Command Losses
World War Two (London 1997-8)". Some may be Jewish.

Appendix 3 contains a list of probable Jewish.

Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR, USA

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